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Longevity Qigong

Since 1998 Matt has had the opportunity to instruct and share the art of Qigong. Along with studying with some of the most adept Qigong and Yoga masters in the world, Matt enhanced his teaching approach through his study and licensure in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Many have come to learn these therapeutic exercises not only to relieve some general stress and stiffness, but because they were facing

life-threatening health conditions.


Slow, gentle, yet energizing, these longevity Qigong forms are based on ancient Chinese yoga postures, movements,

self-massage and breathing techniques.  They enhance the immune system by strengthening the bones and organs, along with promoting optimal blood flow, lymphatic circulation and oxygen intake.  Ultimately, they are designed to safely and effectively guide one’s body, mind and spirit into state of



Matt developed the Medical Qigong program at the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara in 2005 and in 2014 helped develop the Cancer Center’s first Acupuncture program, operating as the Chief Acupuncturist.


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LONGEVITY QIGONG VIDEO DOWNLOAD includes:5 chapters which consist of warm up exercises, 3 Qigong forms and warm down exercises.


Approximate running time: 50 minutes

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