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Shadow Yoga, founded by Zhander Remete, is a Hatha Yoga system that utilizes 3 standing prelude forms, rhythmic breathing, bone breathing, bandhas (energetic locks) and the system of marma (trigger points) to free the body of its physical, energetic obstructions and mental/emotional blockages. Ultimately, like all Hatha Yoga, it is designed tend our inner fire for meditation, healing and most importantly, living our path.

This 1 day workshop introduces the basic practices, principles and philosophy of Shadow Yoga. This includes Dasa Chalana (joint warm-ups), Jiva Chalana (Churning of the Inner Self), basic standing postures and ujjayi breathing. Uddiyana bandha (navel lock) is also introduced to bring awareness to one’s center, train breath control, promote blood/lymph circulation, build inner heat and tonify the organs and brain.