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Slow, gentle, yet energizing, these longevity Qigong forms are based on ancient Chinese yoga postures, movements, self-massage and breathing techniques.  They enhance the immune system by strengthening the bones and organs, along with promoting optimal blood flow, lymphatic circulation and oxygen intake.  Ultimately, they are designed to safely and effectively guide one’s body, mind and spirit into state of balance.

Matt developed the Medical Qigong program at the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara in 2005 and in 2014 helped develop the Cancer Center’s first Acupuncture program, operating as the Chief Acupuncturist. 

LOCATION: Samadhi Integral Life Center: 796 Beacon St (2nd floor), Newton Centre, BOSTON, MA

TIME: Friday night 6-8pm

COST: $30

To preregister for this event, visit: WWW.THEBODYWORKCLINIC.COM