Longevity Qigong

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Longevity Qigong

Matt Pesendian
is a Licensed Acupuncturist who has been practicing and studying the art of Hatha Yoga since 1989 and Qigong since 1998... MORE

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This 4 day intensive introduces the basic practices, principles and philosophy of Shadow Yoga. This includes Dasa Chalana (joint warm-ups), Jiva Chalana (Churning of the Inner Self), basic standing postures and ujayi breathing. Uddiyana bandha (navel lock) is also introduced to train breath control,promote blood/lymph circulation, build inner heat and tonify the organs and the brain.

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2600 De La Vina St. Suite D
Santa Barbara, Ca 93105
Monday - Saturday


Longevity Qigong

Slow, gentle, yet energizing, these longevity Qigong forms are based on ancient Chinese yoga postures, movements, self-massage and breathing techniques... MORE

Shadow Yoga

Founded by Zhander Remete, Shadow Yoga is a Hatha Yoga system that utilizes 3 standing prelude forms, ujjayi breathing, bandhas (energetic locks), mudras (seals)... MORE

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Specializing in natural healing methods which include Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Cupping, Acupressure, Diet and Nutrition... MORE